If you’ve never rounded a corner and been blinded by sunlight or night-driving glare, you’re either new to driving or extremely lucky. We here at Jim Peach Motors Inc know that this is a significant problem for many drivers in and around Brewton, AL, and we’d like to offer some guidance on overcoming this issue.

Daytime glare is more likely to be a problem in the early morning and early evening when the sun’s rays are low enough to pass through your vehicle’s windshield or side windows. You can help to ensure that you don’t find yourself staring directly into the sun or becoming blinded by sunlight bouncing off reflective objects by taking full advantage of your vehicle’s visors and wearing high-quality eye protection.

Night glare caused by oncoming headlights is more difficult to address. If it’s a serious problem for you, you should consider discussing the issue with your health care provider and avoid driving at night as much as possible.

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